What are the risks of this structure?

Case Study: Harvard Business School: United Cereal. Eurobrand Challenge.
1) (300 words). Which factors drawn from the case and course are important in United Cereals Brand Management strategy? Justify your response.
2) (300 words). United Cereals has a strong organisational structure placing emphasis on the role of the country manager. What are the risks of this structure?
Justify your response.
3) (300 words). United Cereals European Technical Teams have been successful. Will the proposed Eurobrand Teams succeed? List at least 3 reasons with facts and support
from relevant theory.
4) (300 words). Any cultural aspects about the local markets do you think United Cereal should take into consideration? Include at least two aspects and elaborate them
in detail and with justifications or examples.
5) (6 references/1000 words). As a consultant providing advice to Lora Brill the United Cereals Vice President. You are asked to examine if Healthy Berry Crunch
should be the companys first coordinated multimarket Eurobrand market launch and analyse the potential for success. Support your reasoning with both evidence and
theory. Include at least five specific recommendations (with substantiation) to help your client to reach a sound decision. You may also suggest additional information
(country or culture etc.) that needs to be gathered to make a sound decision regarding the strategies recommended.

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