Was the sampling method appropriate?

blood pressure measurement
This is a qualitative single research study article on blood pressure measurement. It is an easy article to answer question 3
read the article attaches and answer the critique questions below.
the Roy adaptation model was an appropriate theoretical underpinning because Roy (1978) reported that adaptation is a necessary component of adapting to critical illness and the research question Smith and Olmsted (2012) attempted to answer was the effects different adaptation methods had on the heart failure client (ok you realize ALL of this is off the top of my head and I dont even know if Roy published anything related to chronic illness in 1978 but I hope it gets the point across). Once the group has completed an indepth critique that they all agree on they will develop a paper totally based on the threads just synthesizing what the thread said. This is the group paper. So the TD score is how well each student interacted in the forum how substantive their contributions were not how correct their section was.
Was the sampling method appropriate?
Why or why not? What would have been more appropriate? Why?
3/3: Data collection and analysis methods (appropriateness comprehensiveness who collected data role of researcher methods process themes).

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