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Wal-Mart Corporation and American Nation’ Development

Living in the realm of globalization, people of the 21st century engage in the multicultural communication process on a regular basis. Be it a part of their job or heir pastime, intercultural communication has become an integral part of the American people’s lives, a fact, which Wal-Mart leaders have taken into account when designing their values and marketing strategy.

Therefore, it can be assumed that expansion into the global market and creation of friendly relationships with foreign partners can be viewed as the goal of not only Wal-Mart, but also the entire nation. The specified characteristics of the residents of the United States can be attributed to both their origin and the course of their development. First and foremost, one must bear in mind that the United States is often referred to as the country of immigrants, as it is populated mostly by the descendants of settlers from Europe (Chapter 7. Settlement, multiculturalism and citizenship, 2010). However, a closer look at the present-day America will reveal that high immigration rates coupled with increasingly high rates of culture fusion result in a consistent communication between the representatives of different cultures.

As a result, high rates of social responsibility are required for managing the relationships between the representatives of different ethnicities in order to prevent the culture clash. This is the point, at which Wal-Mart with its unique vision factors in; defined as one of the U.S. companies with the highest rates of social responsibility among the staff (Woolsey, 2006), Wal-Mart is clearly capable of fostering the environment, in which multiculturalism can evolve.

Therefore, the corporation creates significant value adds for the community as far as certain aspects of multicultural communication, e.g., conflict management and negotiation, are concerned (Hartung, 2012). The specified characteristics of the organization can be viewed as its major asset. Unfortunately, though, the Wal-Mart Corporation also has its weaknesses.

Seeing that the 21st century has been heralded the era of information technology rise, the incorporation of advanced gadgets and tools for transferring data from one member of the organization to another is essential for the development of not only the company, but also the community. The speed of the message delivery often defines the success of a specific intervention, the implementation of a certain reform, etc., down to the point where the speed of data transfer is linked directly to the chances for one’s survival. The Wal-Mart Corporation, luckily enough, can claim efficient data management as one of its assets (Experience Walmart’s history, 2015).

Despite the fact that the organization has been infamous for investing into the technology that did not seem productive enough at the time, at present, the company may be able to analyze its past mistakes and work on its technological development so that the latest IT devices should be incorporated into its framework. Particularly, communication with customers and enhancement of information security should be considered as the areas to work in primarily.

Therefore, it can be assumed that the organization is working in complete integrity with its environment. The company creates the value adds that can be identified as enhancement of multicultural communication and the promotion of technological advancement The U.S. community, in its turn, seems to react quite positively towards the specified changes, based on the popularity of Wal-Mart among the residents of the U.S. As a result, the company is experiencing major success currently, Wal-Mart stores being one of the key venues for buyers to aim at whenever they experience the need to purchase cheap products of surprisingly tolerable quality.

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