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The Care Plan Implementation

The selected group for this care plan includes two families with children. Each family includes a father, a mother, two kids, and grandparents of one of the spouses. This particular small group has been chosen for the reason that there are numerous factors affecting the occurrence of slip and fall accidents in the environment, which involves children and their parents (Pilla 114).

The families live in two-story houses and are often struggling to help their elderly parents cope with the risks of falling and causing damage to themselves or other members of the families (Karlsson 449). The key risk factors are the presence of steep stairs with no handrails and toys that are often scattered outside the kids’ room (Jolly 28). Another distinctive trait that presents a danger to the people living in these two houses and their visitors is the existence of unsafe floor carpets, rugs, and floorings.

The care plan is focused on the provision of necessary assistance for the families trying to minimize the occurrence of slip-and-fall accidents (Ibrahim et al., 205). At first, the care plan would be implemented partially – this should be done with the intention of assessing potential complications that may arise during the process of the complete implementation of the plan (Bell 43). This would include a strong theoretical background and distribution of valuable information among the family members, which would concern the risks of probable slip-and-fall accidents.

By implementing this care plan, I expect to tackle the risks of major concussions, fractures, and muscle strains that are frequent among elderly people who live in multiple-story houses (Karlsson 448). Another important issue that is being undertaken by this care plan is the elimination of the health illiteracy among younger and older people with the object of improving their wellbeing. I expect that the measures taken within the framework of this plan will help to reduce the number of injuries significantly in a rather small time frame (Rowe 20).

I also believe that the implementation of this care plan would increase the overall contentment of the people living in their houses, give them the necessary feeling of safety and protection, and create ideal conditions for a comfortable stay.

To implement this intervention, I plan on discussing the program with the families first. This would include the introduction of the care plan and its key points to each of the family members. After that, I would focus on the importance of this care plan in regard to the wellbeing of the toddlers and their grandparents. A multimedia presentation will be elaborated and presented in order to help the elderly realize why they are at risk.

The visual aspect should help individuals assimilate important facts in an informal way. I would ask the family to implement the necessary changes and carefully guide them through the process of altering their living environment. The list of resources would contain the means of distributing the information.

The results of the implementation of the care plan would be seen in 30-40 days. During that time, I would carefully collect the feedback coming from the elderly program partakers and compare it to the expectations of their children. This interval should be enough to realize the advantages and disadvantages of the care plan and, most likely, adjust it in compliance with the program participants’ feedback.

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