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Strategic Deployment of Six Sigma

One of the benefits of the DMAIC framework, its universal applicability deserves a special attention (Schroeder, Goldstein, & Rungtusanatham, 2013). The strategy that is typically viewed as part of the Six Sigma concept can also be adopted to improve the overall quality and certain elements of one’s performance rather successfully. Detailing the characteristics of specific stages that the process under analysis occurs at, DMAIC provides a perfect foil for the identification of the weaknesses in the chosen strategy (Singh, 2015). Moreover, the DMAIC tool can be used to locate the solution to the problem so that the quality rates of the process could be increased to a considerable extent.

To prove the usefulness of DMAIC as a separate tool for quality improvement in daily life, I would like to consider the process of shopping, which is a part and parcel of my life. Applying the DMAIC framework, I will have to point out that there are five key stages in the shopping activity. Particularly, the preparation stage, at which I should decide what to buy, the subsequent analysis, and the control tools need to be mentioned.

The very first step of the analysis, however, will reveal that the strategy adopted to manage the shopping activity is very flawed. To be more accurate, the planning stage does not involve any preparations. No list of the necessary purchases to be made is compiled; as a result, the threat of spending too much and buying extra products that will not be used in the future becomes a possibility. Hence, it is strongly recommended that an elaborate plan should be created prior to starting shopping.

The application of the DMAIC system also calls for carrying out a measurement of the outcomes. Therefore, it is recommendable that a comparison of the amount of money planned to spend to the actual expenses should be carried out. Instead of merely subtracting one sum from another, I should consider every single purchase to identify the dents in the current strategy and create a more sustainable approach that will allow for saving more money.

Therefore, as the analysis carried out above shows, the shopping process can be improved significantly by introducing a more elaborate approach to the phase of defining the goals. Although the rest of the steps completed in the course of shopping and during the assessment phase can be deemed as adequate, the lack of consideration in the planning process triggers a range of expenses. It is crucial that a detailed plan of the course of actions to be taken should be drawn prior to starting the process; thus, I will be able to avoid a variety of expense (Johnson, 2012).

Finally, the introduction of a control system that will serve as the means of preventing me from spending more and buying unnecessary products needs to be incorporated. For instance, using a restricted amount of cash as opposed to a credit card when shopping can be viewed as an efficient tool for controlling the shopping process.

The DMAIC tool as a part and parcel of Six Sigma serves as a perfect way of evaluating practically any process that occurs on a regular basis, as the analysis of my shopping routine has shown. Locating the dents in the overall design of the process, DMAIC pinpoints the areas that need further work and provides a detailed account of the current assets. As a result, a sustainable approach can be designed so that the process in question could be improved significantly.

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