Outline and discuss a minimum of four transformational leadership

Outline and discuss a minimum of four transformational leadership

Nursing and Social Media

General guidelines for written assignment

1. General presentation is to include 1.5 line spacing; 12 point Times

New Roman font; 3cms left and right margins, page numbering in the lower

right of each page. Include your student number as a header on the upper

right side of each page.

2. Double space between each paragraph

3. Adhere as closely as possible to the word count. A +/– 10% of the word

limit is acceptable. Please indicate the word count at the conclusion.

4. The School of Nursing & Midwifery use the APA referencing style. It is

important that you maintain consistency and accuracy throughout the


Social media in nursing:

Social media and electronic communications have become part of

contemporary life and as a consequence part of our professional lives as

well. They have both benefits and concerns related to their use in

professional health care practice.

Applying the National Board’s Social Media Policy (2014) review the

Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia’s (NMBA) Code of Ethics for

Nurses in Australia (2008), Code of Professional Conduct for Nurses in

Australia (2008) and the National Competency Standards for the registered

nurse (2006).

In your review of these codes and standards, identify and discuss the

Value statements, Conduct statements and Domains that apply to nursing

practice using the scenario to illustrate your discussion. Refer to

relevant literature to validate and substantiate your discussion. (800


Leadership and social media

As the NUM is in a leadership position they have a responsibility to

ensure that their staff are aware of the implication of the inappropriate

use of social media.
Outline and discuss a minimum of four transformational leadership

strategies the NUM could apply to successfully ensure that nurses (and

students) working in their ward are familiar with the National Board’s

Social Media Policy and their responsibilities under the NMBA Codes and

Standards for nurses in Australia. Use the scenario to illustrate your

discussion and refer to relevant literature to substantiate your writing.

There is a word limit of 250 words per strategy.
Positive applications of the use of social media in health care
As he scenario indicates there are negative aspects to social media and

health care. On the other hand there are also positive uses.

Outline in 200 words some of the positive ways social media can be used

in health care. Substantiate and validate your writing with relevant and

appropriate references.

Include an introduction of 75-100 words. Make sure it clearly and

concisely introduces the assignment.

Include a conclusion of 75-100 words. Write the conclusion as a summary

of your learning outcomes.

You may use headings to organise your work. Please support your

discussions with references to the relevant literature beyond your text

book and the Readings.

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