Explain how social determinants of health can inform primary health care

Length: Maximum 750 words PLUS Poster
Aim of Assessment
The aim of this assignment is to provide you with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding if the application of PHC concepts and health promotion practice with particular reference to the Indigenous Australians.
The following Learning Outcomes 4,5,6 and 7 are addressed in this assessment:
Explain the principles and practices of Primary Health Care (PHC)
Explain health promotion as a strategy with a PHC framework
Explain how social determinants of health can inform primary health care
Using a PHC framework, identify strategies that can be used to overcome family violence
Details of the assessment
A video concerning an Australian Indigenous health issue will be used as a trigger for students to respond to 3 written questions PLUS a poster relating to the social determinants of health (SDH), primary health care (PHC) principles and health promotion elements identified in the video.
I order to complete the assessment you will:
• Access and view the video: “Violence is getting worse:” Indigenous women speak up about family violence” a few times so that you become familiar with the content.
• Reflect on the content
• review on-line learning materials. Reflect on what you have learnt about the health of Indigenous Australians and factors affecting their health.
• Read and watch the additional learning materials and do some searches yourself for background material about PHC, health promotion and Australian Indigenous health, as well as other programs aimed at improving the social determinants of health for Indigenous Australians
• Please submit your answers in question-answer format NOT essay format i.e. number your answer to each question.
• Answers to questions 1-3 will have a maximum word limit that will total 750 words (250 words each question).
• In-text references and reference list does NOT contribute to the word count.
• Additional to the written component, a health promotion poster specific to Indigenous Australians will also be submitted.
• The poster does not contribute to the assessment word limit.
• Following on from the reference list for the written assessment provide the heading ‘poster reference list’ and provide a reference for each image and text reference that you used for the poster.

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