Discuss the influence the government agenda had/has on the issue.

media mapping analysis of a contemporary health issues the project must include: 2,000 words on: • Critically appraise a contemporary health issue reported in the media and discuss its development and portrayal by the media. Also, identify any possible misrepresentation of the issue in the media. Please in this essay i need to iden tify the news paper im going talk about 2)find the original article 3)talk about the role of the media, how the misleading or misrepreseting in the article 4)talk obout what the researcher is saying in that article 5)critique the original article . please when send the work to mesend it with the article because myteacher wnat to see where we got the article from. it can be in the daily mail, or the guardian ,the Time, article and be clear on what the article is saying and what the publisher os saying Thank you so much the health issues could be obesity in adult or in children, TB, swine flu etc…, Feature Emphasis Explanation Content 30% Essay must include relevant material that is drawn from a variety of appropriate sources (i.e. research journals, books) Critical analysis 35% Students must be able to critically interpret research literature and theory, based on their knowledge of the subject and support this with evidence. Structure 10% Essay should read as one complete piece of work. Headings may be used but must be relevant and support the overall layout of the piece. Presentation 5% 1.5 spaced, typed essay. Include the question to be addressed, module title and module code on the first page. Include your name, student number and the module code on every page. Referencing 20% Integrated use of relevant, recent, key references from a range of sources. Any materials you have referenced must be acknowledged according to the referencing format shown in Pears and Shields (2010) ‘Cite them Right’. You may also include a bibliography if you wish. • Use published sources of evidence to critique the newspaper article. • Analyse the policies and research evidence supporting the Public Health and / or Health Promotion response to the topic you choose to explore. • Discuss the influence the government agenda had/has on the issue.

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