Case Study Example Nursing

Case Study Example Nursing

How To Write A Nursing Case Study

A nursing case study is an exhaustive examination and explanation of one or more patients suffering from a particular disease or condition. Nursing case studies are essential in offering practical information about a patient and a condition/disease. Students’ common mistakes are starting the writing process before they can complete the appropriate groundwork. The vital preliminary steps include establishing your paper’s format and focus, followed by gathering the necessary and appropriate information. Since case study assignments require a lot of planning, research, and time, not all students can effectively write them. It becomes increasingly difficult to do your coursework with all the lectures to attend, reports and assignments to write, and family responsibilities to attend to. Our academic writing company offers quality, reliable, and professional nursing case study help to undergraduate, graduate, and master’s students.

Categories of a nursing case study

Nursing case studies fall into these categories:

  • The patient’s status: This discusses the patient’s particulars – who they are, the reason for inclusion in the study. This category includes the patient’s demographics (age, race, etc.), medical history, diagnosis, and treatment. If this is your case study’s focus, ensure that you detail the disease process and the aforementioned aspects.
  • Nursing assessment: This details the patient’s problem in the nursing diagnoses. Specify why you have come to a particular diagnosis. This category includes vital signs, test results, and nursing observations.
  • Current care plan and recommendations: Here, describe the nursing plan and goals. This is to explain how this nursing plan improves the patient’s quality of life, the positive changes it aims to achieve on the patient, and its (nursing plan) execution and implementation. This category includes details of the nursing care plan, including goals and interventions, an evaluation of the current plan, and recommendations for change in the current one.

Nursing case study format

When writing your case study, you must start off by briefly introducing the problem or situation that you are seeking a solution. Explicitly and clearly highlight these problems, then provide sufficient background information. For your information to flow easily and for the readers to better understand your case study, it should follow a specific structure as highlighted below:

  • Title page: This contains your information and your case study’s title
  • Abstract: The abstract can be narrative or structured in style. A narrative means a short, condensed version of your entire study – it flows smoothly with no subheadings. A structured abstract contains the different subheadings contained in the entire case study.
  • Introduction: It details why your case study’s topic is fascinating.
  • Case presentation: This part presents the patient’s complaint, his/her medical history, and a description of the examination’s results.
  • Management and outcome: Detail the patient’s current care plan. Specify its length and frequency of this nursing plan.
  • Discussion: From your presented case, various questions arise. In this section address these pertinent questions.
  • Acknowledgments: This section offers you the opportunity to appreciate anyone who assisted you in writing this case study. Excluding the patient, make sure all the people you mention here offered direct assistance.
  • References: List all the materials and sources that you used in the writing of your case study. Ensure that you list all of them to avoid cases of plagiarism.
  • Legends: This section contains information on non-text materials such as tables, graphs, and charts.

Types of nursing case studies

Before embarking on writing your case study, it is critical that you know the different types of case studies. There are four types of case studies. Knowing what these types are will help you write an improved and better case study.

  • Illustrative case studies

These case studies require a descriptive approach. Nursing students describe one or more specific events about the study in a clinical setting. The purpose of illustrative nursing case studies is to illuminate unknown aspects of the case to the readers.

  • Exploratory case studies

Also known as pilot case studies, these case studies aim at uncovering questions, and methodologies to tackle the problem presented in their case studies.

  • Cumulative case studies

These involve collecting, combining, and summarizing data from different sources in different periods of time. The rationale is that past information is useful in generalizing facts without spending time, money, and other resources conducting further research.

  • Critical case studies

This particular type is useful in answering cause and effect/consequences questions. The objective of critical case studies is to analyze an area of interest without generalizing.

Nursing case study writing tips

  • Research

There are no shortcuts to writing nursing case studies. You have to conduct extensive and in-depth research. Look at journals, newspapers, books, peer-reviewed articles, magazines, etc. the information you get from this will form the basis of your case study.

  • Maintain the format

Do not compromise when it comes to your case study’s structure. Doing so risks scoring low masks and a bad impression on the readers. Refer to the format highlighted earlier in this article. You can also consult your instructor for the university standards on a case study format.

  • Properly cite your work. 

You should properly give credit to the authors whose work you have used to develop your study. Failure to do this falls under the plagiarism category. To avoid this, we advise you to consult the guidelines provided to you. If they are not clear, consult your instructor.

Nursing case studies are used by professors to assess your understanding of various concepts and their application in real life and hypothetical situations. Students writing case studies should write an analysis of various intricacies that happen in a nursing work environment. Nursing case studies may be about a person, situation or an organization. Nursing students are faced with different challenges while writing case studies. They may have trouble in finding the necessary materials, insufficient time and stringent deadlines, lack of knowledge in the structure of a case study and life emergencies. This does not mean that you should settle for less grades. We are here to provide nursing case study writing help to all nursing students: undergraduate, graduate, masters and PhD.

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A nursing case study is an exhaustive examination and explanation of one or more patients suffering from a particular disease or condition. Nursing case studies are essential in offering practical information about a patient and a condition/disease.

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