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Providing healthcare to different individuals is critical in the modern world. Despite a substantial focus on equality and tolerance, a high level of disparities exists, and not all social groups receive equal attention in healthcare (Coelho & Nguyen, 2012). In this case, Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers tends to focus on making medical assistance available for everyone (Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers, 2016). To resolve this issue, it emphasizes the significance of high-quality healthcare and decreases the costs of the medical procedures. Simultaneously, it pays vehement attention to different societal issues such as education, faith, and housing opportunities. Thus, the primary goal of this paper is to evaluate the coalition’s contribution to each problem and highlight the importance of the response to these matters. In the end, the conclusions are drawn to summarize the findings.

Societal Issue One: Homelessness

Initially, the healthcare institutions tend to pay attention only to the issues of the medical system such as disparities and the accessibility of the insurance plans. Thus, highlighting the vitality of societal issues such as homelessness will help resolve the cause of the problem. Today, Camden Coalition offers housing to the patients in need (Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers, 2016). Providing housing to the homeless people with chronical illness not only increases the availability of healthcare but also assists the community in resolving the problem (Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers, 2016). This example portrays that the healthcare providers should response to the issue of homelessness, as it is one of the drivers for the development of healthcare disparities.

Societal Issue Two: Faith

One cannot imagine that building a strong and faithful community will help resolve healthcare issues. Giving people faith and creating the sense of unity is one of the critical goals of Camden Coalition (Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers, 2016). These feelings make educational sessions about healthcare and nutrition more effective, as people feel the connection with the other members of the society (Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers, 2016). Based on the factors provided above, paying attention to the values of community and uniting individuals together are critical from the perspective of the healthcare institutions. The primary reason for this fact is the growth of the awareness about the illnesses and elevating popularity of healthy lifestyles.

Societal Issue Three: Education

Furthermore, it remains apparent that the availability of high-quality education to medical students in a problem in the modern world. It is evident that providing well-educated professionals, who prioritize patient-centered care, is the key to success of the medical institutions (Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers, 2016). At the same time, paying attention to education will contribute to the establishment of new policies and enhance the distribution of financial resources. Consequently, offering training programs have to be prioritized by medical institutions, as it improves the overall quality of healthcare and has a positive impact on the financial prosperity of the medical sphere and community.


In the end, the example of Camden Coalition of Healthcare providers revealed that medical institutions cannot underestimate other societal issues. The analysis of the organizational activities depicts that social phenomena such as homelessness and the lack of communal spirit might be the primary causes of disparities. At the same time, focusing on the education of medical personnel will cultivate the significance of the patient-centered care. A combination of these factors underlines that medical institutions have to be involved in the life of the community. The modern society consists out of the interdependent components and influencing one of them might have a positive effect on another one.


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